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Create Your Personal Member Account

To access your club's Uplifter administration system, you will need to first create your personal Member Account. Click the LOGIN link at the top of the page and complete the required fields under "First Time Registering?". Once you have created your account, make sure to email us at so we can provide you with full administrator permissions.

IMPORTANT: You should create the Member Account with your personal details so that you can also use the same account to manage your potential family participant registrations into programs. Please also avoid using a generic club email address, especially one used by multiple club administrators, e.g.


Complete the Club Quick-Start Guides

Once you have received an email from us indicating you have been given full administrator permissions, log into your account and navigate to My Account > My Administration Access. This is where you will find all your administration related pages.

Next, complete our CLUB QUICK-START GUIDES and other administrator guides as needed, found at

HELPFUL TIP: Setting up your site is best done as a team effort, so make sure to include your fellow club administrators when possible. They will each need to create their own Member Accounts, and then you will be able to provide them administrator permissions.

Replace This Page and Create Others

This is just a placeholder homepage for your site. You can EDIT this page by clicking the various "Edit" icons, and also select a different style of Page Template by clicking the "Edit Page Details" link at the top of this page (most clubs use the "sub-nav-home-page" template for their homepage).

For a complete guide on MANAGING YOUR PUBLIC WEBSITE, please visit